Did you know that some form of arthritis afflicts approximately 40 million Americans, and the disease even cripples some of them? Finding an expert who can diagnose and treat your arthritis and foot pain is an essential step in preventing chronic, debilitating pain that impacts your mobility.

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What is arthritis?

Smooth lining and cartilage protect your joints. They cushion the joints and allow for smooth movement.

When you have arthritis, the lining and cartilage become inflamed, and fluid can build around the joints, causing pain, immobility, and sometimes deformity. There are many different kinds of arthritis.

What are the signs and symptoms of arthritis?

The signs and symptoms of arthritis depend on the kind of arthritis you have. If you have osteoarthritis — the most common form of arthritis — you likely experience throbbing, dull pain at night, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking.

If you experience pain in your feet or ankles that lasts longer than a few days, it’s essential to visit a podiatrist; early intervention and management are critical.

What causes arthritis?

Like most diseases, many factors can play a role in your development of arthritis:

  • Heredity
  • History of injury to the joint or muscle supporting the joint
  • Viral or bacterial infection in the joint
  • Bowel disorders like ileitis and colitis
  • Drug use; certain medications
  • Autoimmune disease

The cause of your arthritis is usually identifiable via a thorough review of your personal and family medical history and diagnostic testing like X-rays and lab tests.

Why is foot pain so common in patients with arthritis?

You have a remarkable 33 joints in each foot. Because arthritis affects joints, your feet are a prime target. And because your feet are required to bear the weight of carrying you every day, it’s likely that the pain will be noticeable almost all of the time.

How is arthritis treated?

Arthritis can be treated using conservative methods like ice, rest, and anti-inflammatories, moderate treatment like physical therapy and custom orthotics, or invasive treatment like surgery in more severe cases.

What kind of doctor treats arthritis in my feet?

Podiatrists are foot and ankle specialists, which means they have received extensive training in and have dedicated their practice to the diagnosis and treatment of both common and very complex, rare conditions impacting the foot and ankle.

Your podiatrist at Starrett Podiatry will create a customized treatment plan that is as non-invasive as possible while still producing results.